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Welcome to Keto Atosab,

No pills or products for sale here,  just the truth about your health. (well, maybe a t-shirt if you want to help support this site). Free Quality Keto Information For Everyone. 

This web site is an alternative to the money making gurus out there. If you are looking for a magic pill or a quick fix you are in the wrong place.

Looking for some Easy to Make and Tasty Keto, (very Low-Carb) Recipes & Support? You’ve come to the Right Place.

We are excited to bring you some of our favorite dessert recipes that work for a keto diet! With a focus on a low-carb and high-fat diet, we have lots of keto friendly dessert recipes to help you stick to your goals (whatever they may be)!

We have an arsenal of marvellous healthy low carb recipes & knowledge to Share. You will find tasty recipes that I found on the internet. I think sharing recipes is such an important part of baking and the baking world.

This site is to promote the Keto & Low-Carb lifestyle. You will find blogs about the Keto diet and your health.

The Ketogenic way of eating is the most ancestrally appropriate way a human can eat. It is also the most powerful diet for reversing diabetes and many other chronic diseases.

 I used to be the "fat doctor", but after implementing the keto diet I lost over 3 stone in 2 months time. So join me to do the same thing and at the same time get the health you want.

I fully agree with what Dr Berry is talking about and that's why I try to spread his message also through this site to help people around the world improve their health.

I am from Sweden so my English is not my first language so there might be some grammar fault here and there, but I hope you understand my overall message.

The message is:  A Ketogenic Diet is THE Proper Human Diet. No other diet reduces the body-fat percentage, blood sugar, insulin, inflammation, auto-immune conditions like Keto does.

A keto diet can be really simple, but it helps to learn some basic skills. These tips and guides will help you answer all the common keto questions. Click here to get to my latest blog for An Easy Detailed Guide to Follow for Beginners to The Keto Diet.

I hope you will find this site helpful and interesting. So let's optimize your health!

This site is for information only. You need to contact your healthcare provider for medical advice.