What to eat on Christmas if you doing a keto diet?

Keto & Christmas -

What to eat on Christmas if you doing a keto diet?

Christmas should be the time for relaxing and eating good food with family and friends, but what do you do when you are on the keto diet? Many people are feeling “bad” and get bad conscious when they are cheating with the keto diet during the Christmas holidays but you shouldn't do that. 

Keto & Christmas

To be sure you’re not left looking longingly at the desserts, make a few batches of low-carb sweets to bring with you. Use stevia, monk fruit extract, and other non-sugar sweeteners, as well as some low-carb ingredients like coconut flakes and almond flour, you can make a surprising variety of holiday treats that won’t make your waistline any bigger.

 What to eat on Christmas if you doing a keto diet? | Keto Atosab Blog, guide 2019

So should you feel guilty when stuffing yourself this Christmas? No, I don't think so. But how can you then solve this problem with the upcoming season? Be sure to set limits on how much you should eat and be prepared, e.g., don't buy too much food for the cheat and have keto food ready for afterward.

You know, when you cheat, your body will notice this quite fast, the feeling of more hunger and coming off the keto effect. Well, just go back on the wagon and go forward. Just think about the hunter-gatherers.
They would also feel a little tired after feeding on that honey they found. There is a simple way to get around all this, and that is just to get your hands on one quite well-known keto profile: Leanne Vogel.

So my best advice, in this case, is just to get your hands on Leanne Vogel's book and problem solved. She thought about this problem and came with the solution, to write a "Keto Holiday Cookbook"! Easy peasy.


  • Set your limits and be prepared e.g. so you don't buy too much food for the cheat and have keto food ready for afterward.
  • Bring your own food to the Christmas party, almost all have some avocado oil at home and a little salad.

Here are just a few of the Keto Christmas Recipes To Make You Feel Festive we’ve included:

Here are some great Christmas Ketogenic Christmas Dessert Recipes

    Hacks to stick to Keto during Christmas time

    1. Make a plan, what foods you are going to eat.
    2. Have an answer, if people asking. What keto is and what it is doing for you.
    3. Bring something so people think you are supporting (but its keto-friendly, rather a dessert say it´s a healthy dessert and people will go for it).
    4. Indulge in things that are keto-friendly, turkey sausage and so on. There are actually many “fat” things on the Christmas table. Just go for it.
    5. Don't beat yourself up, what I mean is if you cheat a little it's not the end of the world.
    6. You use to eat bad food every day and if you cheat once it's nothing. Just get back on track the day after.

    Stick to the keto diet long term

    Many think that just because you are on this diet you should feel bad about not eat whet the rest are eating. Sometimes it's quite alright to have this quick answer like “why don´t you eat this? Well, I have a sensitive stomach”.

    There are a lot of people with different medical conditions that cannot eat like everyone else. This is quite acceptable, you have diabetics, epilepsy patients and there are numerous other conditions that gain the positive effect of the keto lifestyle.

    Many times you have to try the food and because you just want to be polite but that's really not the way to go. But again you have a choice and there's nothing wrong to cheat sometimes, remember that keto diet is very forgiving.

    I mean you don't even need to count your calories like in many other different diets, and that's one really good thing with the keto diet. It's very easy to follow and it's very forgiving.

    I think more will try this way of eating if they knew how easy it is. They would really follow this way if they knew about this and never have cravings and be feeling hungry when you follow this way of lifestyle.

    So there you have it guys. Keto Diet in a nutshell during Christmas seasons. It's really nothing to it when you are a little preparation and have some quick answer when somebody asks you things about your keto lifestyle.

    The thing is really that more people should start with this way of eating. I´m 100% sure that in the near future there will be absolutely normal with this way of lifestyle and you can bet that the rest of the population will soon follow.

    One thing we can be sure of is that the advice we been taught so far is absolutely wrong. It has proven to be wrong since we now see an uprise of diabetes amongst young children than ever before. So look forward to the next holiday season and bring your “Fat Bombs” with you. 


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