The Best Dark Chocolate For Keto Followers

The Best Dark Chocolate For Keto Followers -

The Best Dark Chocolate For Keto Followers

While being on a ketogenic diet does not mean you can’t have chocolate. Well, we have compiled a list of 5 keto-friendly dark chocolate that you can eat safely without compromising on your keto diet plan.

Nearly every person has tried or at least heard of the ever-so-popular keto diet. It means that the traditional candy or cake just doesn’t cut it for keto followers on special days like Valentine’s Day or any other celebration or holiday if they have taken up this high-fat yet a low-carb lifestyle.

So, you can have chocolate on the keto diet. You just need to be extra careful about which bars you're choosing (they have to be no- or low-sugar and low-carb) if you can also find a chocolate bar that's higher in protein and healthy fat.

Dark Chocolate Bars, Perfect for Gifting, Baking, or Savoring Piece by Piece

Still, followers of the keto diet can enjoy sweets that are low in sugar and rich in fiber. Plus, dark chocolate might be good for your heart and perfect for any celebration. Not sure what you can get for them? Here we’ve done a round-up of the best sweets that even keto fans can enjoy.

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What Are Some of The Best Keto Dark Chocolate Brands?

With the popularity of the keto diet, there are many low-carb and keto-friendly dark chocolate products available. Here are the top 5 picks of keto-friendly chocolate brands.

List of Best Keto Dark Chocolates

Extra Dark Chocolate Bar by Lily's (70% Cocoa)

Extra Dark Chocolate Bar by Lily's (70% Cocoa)

Lily's chocolate has been a long-time favorite among keto followers. And the tasty dark chocolate doesn't have any added sugar. You will get all the sweetness from erythritol and Stevia. 

Lily's 70% Extra Dark chocolate bar is made with delicious, stevia-sweetened quality dark chocolate, giving it every bit of the indulgence of other quality dark chocolates but with no added sugar. 

Don't stop at one square. Because it's sweetened with the botanical sweetener stevia, there's no need to. Stevia is a zero-calorie sweetener and is derived from the plant Stevia Rebaudiana. Stevia has also sweetened beverages and foods for centuries. And the use of Stevia gives Lily's natural richness and less sugar than typical chocolates.

There is no added sugar, though you'd never know it. Also, Lily's is a certified vegan, gluten-free, and Non-GMO chocolate. Lily's is further 25% lower in calories than dark chocolate that's sweetened with sugar, and it tastes fabulous. A favorite within the keto community, so go ahead and indulge.

Ingredients: Unsweetened chocolate, erythritol, inulin, cocoa butter, stevia extract, organic soy lecithin, vanilla.

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 40 g: Calories 170, Fat 17 g, Saturated Fat 10 g, Trans Fat 0 g, Sodium 0 mg, Cholesterol 0 mg, Carbohydrate 19 g, Fiber 8 g, sugar < 1 g, Sugar Alcohols 7 g, Protein 3 g

Lindt Excellence Bar, (90% Cocoa) Supreme Dark Chocolate

Lindt Excellence Bar, (90% Cocoa) Supreme Dark Chocolate

This heavenly keto-friendly delight has only seven net carb grams in each serving. It is high in its fat content, though, which makes this a worthy indulgence, which we all can have now and then! This dark chocolate bar from Lindt is keto, thanks to its mega-high cacao percentage. So, stock up on these dark chocolate bars for a true dark chocolate connoisseur to share at the office. Enjoy this delicious treat at a dinner party, or bake with at home. It's the perfect dark chocolate gift for a true keto-follower.

Kiss My Keto Chocolate Low Carb 100% Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars

 Kiss My Keto Chocolate — Low Carb 100% Sugar Free Chocolate Bars

A keto-approved sweet treat with zero guilt that's low-carb, 100% sugar-free, and contains absolutely NO artificial ingredients. It's a bar of decadent dark chocolate, mildly sweetened with Stevia, with just 2g Net Carbs per serving! And with this tasty chocolate bar, you can boost your energy levels at work or enjoy as a post-workout keto snack that quickly restores your energy. It tastes just like a regular quality dark chocolate bar, but slightly less sweet, which I truly prefer.

Ghirardelli Squares, Intense Dark Chocolate Midnight Reverie 86% Cacao

Ghirardelli Squares, Intense Dark Chocolate Midnight Reverie 86% Cacao

Going on the Ketogenic diet means you have to bid farewell to good old chocolate-flavored cereal, right? Not anymore! This variant by Catalina is deliciously full of dark chocolate, and it's healthy, so you can get your guilt-free indulgence ready as you settle down for a movie.

Ghirardelli Intense Dark chocolates deliver luxuriously deep and velvety chocolate blended with sophisticated ingredients. Crafted in San Francisco, the intense dark chocolates are designed to deliver the ultimate in premium quality, balance, and intensity for the dark chocolate enthusiast.

I really like that the servings are individually wrapped and small, allowing for a daily treat after a keto dinner that doesn't break the scale or require that I do any math. One serving is one chocolate. Easy peasy.

ChocZero 50% Dark Chocolate

 ChocZero 50% Dark Chocolate

ChocZero 50% Dark Chocolate is another keto favorite that is very low in carbs, usually coming in at about 2 grams net carbs per serving. So, it's ideal for keto lifestyle and other low-carb diets. It uses monk fruit, which is another non-nutritive, natural sweetener. They are firm and smooth like dark chocolate should be. And they melt easily in your mouth with a true chocolate mouthfeel.

They're very tasty and no bitterness like some other dark chocolates.
And I feel satisfied after eating one instead of wanting to eat half the bag at once as I do after eating things sweetened with xylitol, erythritol, sugar. There is no sugar crash.

Is Dark Chocolate Keto?

Dark chocolate can absolutely be keto, as dark chocolate will often times have less sugar than many milk chocolate bars. And one of the key differences between milk chocolate and dark chocolate is a higher concentration of cocoa, which, in part, oftentimes means there is less sugar.

Furthermore, according to Harvard's School of Public Health, dark chocolate contains anywhere from 50 to 90 percent cocoa solids, whereas milk chocolate just contains 10 to 50 percent. So, with its higher percentage of cocoa, dark chocolate is essentially much richer in a plant-derived substance termed flavanols, which are believed to help protect the heart.

So not only is dark chocolate a suitable pleasure to have while on a keto diet (in moderation), it's also an excellent snack to have to help promote heart health. The key is to choose dark quality chocolate varieties. Dark chocolate is one such guilty snack. Devouring an entire bar isn't an option on a keto diet, but having a single serving won't derail your ketosis either.

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