Is The Ketogenic Diet Good For Your Skin?

Keto and your skin -

Is The Ketogenic Diet Good For Your Skin?

When you are on a diet you have probably heard of “You are what you eat.” And another question is “Is Keto good for your skin”? Well it should be with all that fat that the Keto diet recommends, don’t you think?

But does it really mean that you will get smooth, perfectly oily skin by taking a tablespoon of coconut oil in you bulletproof coffee in the morning?

A Keto diet can be really simple, but it helps to learn some basic skills. These tips and guides will help you answer all the common Keto questions. Go here for An Easy Detailed Guide to Follow for Beginners to The Keto Diet.

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Some in the keto community might think so for good reasons even if it meant putting butter on top of your butter. When the keto diet rising in popularity, we can see more and more people avoiding pasta and bread in favour of fats when adopting the ketogenic diet like meat, nut butter and avocado. Healthy fats like coconut oil and olive oil.

The rapid weight loss many experiences on the keto diet has been a common motivation, but the diet's effect on the skin seems less known. Some seem to experience an itchy red rash on their torso while others seem to report a brighter and clearer complexion on the skin.


So is the ketogenic diet healthy for your skin?

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What is the ketogenic diet and why is it so very popular?

The hypothesis behind keto, according to US News & World Report, is really to adapt your body or train your body to use fat rather than carbohydrates. All this with the intention of losing weight and increase the feeling of fullness.

By eliminating carbohydrates and adding more fats to your diet, you’ll send your body into a natural metabolic state that is called ketosis. This means that the body breaks down fats into ketones.

The body becomes a fat burning machine and the main source of energy is ketones rather than protein or carbohydrates. And this, in turn, will lead to weight loss.

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According to Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE, who is based in Orange County, California, The ketogenic diet became popular around 2013. She credit keto diet’s growth to books like “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living” and “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance by Jeff Volek, PhD, RD and Steve Phinney MD, PhD - two books that lay out the health benefits of going low-carb.


What are the benefits of the ketogenic diet?

The keto diet was originally developed to help children control their epilepsy. An article that was published in February 2018 in the journal Aging showed that lowering the intake of carbohydrates and increasing fat could be an effective tool for managing cancer.

Other studies found it to be really effective at lowering blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes. A blogger for Abbey’s Kitchen who is based in Toronto, Canada, Abbey Sharp, RD, points out that she has seen positive results from the ketogenic diet in her patients with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. But it is weight loss that is the most popular draw of the keto diet you hear about.

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How may Keto diet affect your skin?

Jennifer Gordon, MD, a dermatologist in Austin, Texas explains that when you eat more fats and fewer carbohydrates you seem to get clearer skin and improve your complexion.

This is provided you are cutting back carbohydrates and increasing the intake of right fats. You are therefore targeting the body’s excess inflammation by eliminating simple carbohydrates - which is a huge promotor of acne. “It is usually simple carbohydrates that create inflammation,” she says.

“When you lower the inflammation in the body, you will see this in your skin as feeling more radiant, less red and less congested”.

But sometimes you can see in the early stage of ketosis something called “keto rash”. It’s a rare side effect called prurigo pigmentosa. It is a quite rare form of inflammatory dermatosis.

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How will increasing fat intake affect your skin when on a keto diet?

Omega 3 fatty acids are great for both skin and hair, according to Dr Gordon. “There will always be people who worry that eating too much fat gives you acne.” “This is actually untrue,” she says.

Spritzler and Sharp booth agree that increasing healthy fats intake and especially omega 3, such as walnuts and salmon may help soothe itchy, dry, scaly skin.

Sharp also mention that avoiding omega 6 fats, such as vegetable oils, has been associated with a great improvement in inflammatory acne.

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Is the ketogenic diet good or bad for your skin?

The consensus from Sharp, Spritzler and Gordon is that the keto diet has the potential to clear up acne but it's not guaranteed due to everyone's skin is different. Gordon also suggests that you should make sure to drink enough water when on the keto diet.

I hope this article has helped you understand the ketogenic effects on your skin. Read more about the basics of the ketogenic diet here.

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