If You Cheated Over Your Holidays on Your Keto Diet!

If You Cheated over Your Holidays on Your Keto Diet! -

If You Cheated Over Your Holidays on Your Keto Diet!

The holidays can be a very tempting time if you are trying to eat a whole-food keto diet, and we often eat junk food over the holidays due to social or family situations. If you mess up over the holidays, here is how you can get back on track and carry on as if nothing happened. An occasional holiday mess-up isn't a big deal if you follow this advice.

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So I want to write to you about something that may be on a lot of your minds and that is I'm messed up over the holidays, I ate the wrong things too much of the wrong things.

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I messed up my intermittent fasting and I messed up my ketogenic diet now what?

I think that probably you and a lot of your friends and relatives are feeling this way right now and that's okay because I'm gonna tell you how to feel about this, what to do about it what not to do about it and how to fix it.

So if this sounds like a good topic that your friends and family members might be interested in please take one second and share this on your social media so that we can help them not feel bad about messing up over the holidays.

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Okay, now you messed up over the holidays. You ate crap that you should not have eaten. You ate way too much, you ate outside of your feeding window that's okay all right. Here's what we're gonna do.

Step one is, you're going to forgive yourself and realize that this is sort of physiological, this is sort of evolutionary narrowly okay it's not a big deal. 

Let's do this let's go back in time thirty thousand years.

Here we are we're back in time thirty thousand years, there's your
grandmother your grandfather times 250 or 300 generations what did they do how did they eat how did they live and that's really what we're trying to base
all of this on.

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Because our DNA is exactly the same as their DNA. It's no different. Their DNA is the same.  What's changed is our diet. That's why everybody that's why we have epidemics of obesity and inflammatory disease and autoimmune disease and type 2 diabetes. It is because of our diet.

So when you go back in time, did they eat huge amounts of carbs and
starches and sugars every day?  No, they did not! They didn't. They very seldom did.

That's why they were all lean and healthy.

And unless they got eaten by a saber-tooth or they fell off a cliff or they drowned in the river, they lived to order they succumb to some infection they live two ripe old ages and were very vigorous ladened into life. 

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That's what we're trying to do is mimic their good health and their vitality so once a year every year or two back then they would come upon a honey tree and what do you think they all did?

They ate all the honey that they could hold.

I guarantee you they did that because it tastes so good and they've laid around the honey tree in a sugar coma for three or four days. But that happened once a year.  And then if your ancestors lived in temperate climates basically not near the equator at all then in the fall season the fruit all got right at the same time and so there was all this sweet tasty fruit hanging on the trees.

What do you think your ancestors did with that fruit? They ate it! That's exactly right. They ate as much as they could hold and they gained weight.

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So when the winter came they didn't starve to death.

What you did over the holidays is something that's been happening for thousands and thousands of years. You ate as many carbs, as many sugars and starches as you could hold. So what I don't want you to do is feel bad about that or feel guilty about that, that's not that big of a deal. 

Now if you're doing that every day, that's a big deal and that's going to lead to inflammation and disease type 2 diabetes autoimmune diseases. It's going to lead to all that if you're doing that on a daily or almost daily basis. 

But if you just did that over the holidays, forget about it. Forgive yourself and move on. Act like it didn't happen.

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Another thing is if you're religious at all and you've sinned against your God, do
you just say well that's it, I sinned just forget it I'll just forget religion I won't be religious anymore. No, you don't do that. You pray for forgiveness and you get back in the church and you move on. And that's what you need to do with your diet.

You had a good holiday, you enjoyed good food with your family and now it's time to get back in the saddle and forget about it. It's no big deal, it's just like thirty thousand years ago when they found the honey- tree.  They ate all the honey and that's what you did over the holidays.

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They ate all the honey but that did not make them fat and inflamed and diabetic. Because they didn't do it every day. That's the key concept. You can have a holiday, you can have a cheap meal, it's not a big deal. You just can't have it every day or every week.

So forgive yourself and get right back on your intermittent fasting schedule. Get right back on your ketogenic diet, get right back on your paleo or primal diet. Act like it never happened because in the big picture cheating one day like that really has no meaningful effect on your health at all.

It has no meaningful effect on your hemoglobin a1c or on your blood sugar or on your insulin level.  It's no big deal.

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So stop feeling guilty right now. Stop that, stop feeling guilty, get back on the horse and act like it never happens. I hope this message of encouragement helped you to see the bigger picture. That’s it – hope you enjoyed the article!

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