How you can properly use bulletproof coffee to maximize your results on the ketogenic diet.

How to use bulletproof coffee -

How you can properly use bulletproof coffee to maximize your results on the ketogenic diet.

I want to let you know  how you can accurately use bulletproof coffee to maximize

your results on the ketogenic diet in the ketogenic way of eating.

I´m going to write about fat bombs and bulletproof coffee and how you can use

them to hack your biological system and achieve your weight loss and health

improvement goals.


The ketogenic diet is a very very powerful diet. It's by far the most powerful diet.

I used to be consuming the American Diabetic Association diet or the American Heart

Association diet or the white Watchers diet or whatever. I didn't know better.

I didn't know that we could actually hack our system hack our hunger hormones

hack our insulin and basically, it's a shortcut to get to where you want

to be and not have to suffer the entire way.


A keto diet can be really simple, but it helps to learn some basic skills.
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If you've tried diets in the past, like Weight Watchers vegetarian flexitarian Jenny

Craig, you remember that your worst enemy yet your constant companion during

those diets were hunger.  


The beauty of the ketogenic diet is,  if you do it properly and use these two tools you're not hungry and it's so much easier to stick to a

diet when you're satiated. When you're full when you're not starving to death.


I remember those days when I was trying to cut back and I thought

well I'll just I'll burn more calories than I eat I'll eat less and exercise

more and yeah that didn't work very well for me. I failed miserably at that just

Like every one of you guys did.


Bulletproof coffee 


First let's talk about bulletproof coffee, why that helps and why people do that

and why you should do that.


Bulletproof coffee even though there's a name brand of bulletproof coffee and

I've tried it it's very delicious it's very good coffee. I like to use Starbucks Sumatra

or Verona or Breakfast Blend French roast any of those are fine any coffee that

you love.  


I like coffee really strong if you like it not so strong and bold get the flavor that you

like as long as it has zero carbs and zero protein.  you're gonna add to that coffee

either grass-fed butter and if you can't afford grass-fed

regular butter will do.


What you don't ever want to put in your mouth again for the

rest of your life is margarine. Throw that away, because it belongs in the garbage.

But you can add butter to your coffee in it first. When you first hear that you might

think "ooh gross". 


Get some bulletproof coffee you can get some butter and put in

there. Let it melt and then use your frother, to blend that delicious coffee and it's

actually hacking your hunger hormones and hacking your insulin and I'm gonna

explain how.


So like I explained earlier, the biggest thing that makes people fail on a diet when

you're trying to lose weight is hunger. So when you put butter or when you put

coconut oil,  you can put the solid kind just make sure it's an organic pure name-

brand Coconut Oil,  you just don't want to be getting some that's pseudo coconut



You can also use MCT that works better. Those are the things that you should use

in your bulletproof coffee. I get the best results with those.  You can also use

heavy cream. 


But even though heavy cream says zero grams of protein it has 0.9

or points nine five grams of protein and for me, I felt like that was stalling me a

little bit. I felt like that was elevating my insulin and knocking me out of

ketosis and so although I love heavy cream and if it works for you then

congratulations, because that's delicious coffee.


Bulletproof coffee keto diet


I tend to use just grass-fed butter here. Lately, I feel like that works the best for

me but you'll have to experiment and see which one keeps you full,  which one

you enjoy the taste of and which one keeps you on your way of eating.


So what this does, there are three hormones that we're basically trying to hack.

There's insulin which is the most important hormone for weight loss or weight gain

if you mess it up. There's leptin and there's ghrelin.


These three hormones once you optimize them you can almost use them

like sliding levers on an equalizer and get those hormones right where you want

them and when you do that, first of all, the whole goal of the key of any

diet is to burn the fat on your booty and to burn the fat on your belly.


And most importantly to get rid of any fat that's in your liver or your pancreas.

Because those are very medically dangerous for you and so if you have fatty liver

or fatty pancreas you definitely need to be doing the ketogenic diet.  


Bulletproof Coffee


So when you have your morning bulletproof coffee you sip on that fatty coffee.

What it does is, it optimizes your leptin and ghrelin hormones so that you're not

hungry and that's such a hack, that's such a wonderful tool for the

ketogenic diet because you're never hungry.


You're not hungry at all. A lot of people tell me "hey I forgot to eat" "I just forgot to

eat lunch because I wasn't hungry" and that's okay if you're trying to burn the fat

on your booty then you don't want to be ingesting carbs and protein because then you have got to burn those first.


And then when you ingest carbs or protein you elevate your insulin level and that

turns off any fat burning in the booty area that might have been occurring.

So any time you eat carbs of protein you're not burning the fat that you want to

burn you're burning the carbs approaching for energy.  


So that's the power of bulletproof coffee.  It's for me in the mornings and in the

early close to noon. In the early afternoon, I'll sip on my fat filled bulletproof

coffee. You don't have to put a ton of fat because it's absolutely true, you may

have heard this, that if you use a lot of fat you have to burn that fat basically first

before you burn the fat on your booty, and that's absolutely true.  


So just put just enough MCT or just enough coconut oil or just enough butter in

your coffee, so that you're not hungry. That makes it easy, makes it effortless to

say no to stupid carbs or to protein because you're just not hungry.


Bulletproof coffee


That's how you use bulletproof coffee. There is no magic in eating a ton of fat.

That doesn't hurt you, it doesn't elevate your insulin level much. But it also you've

got to burn that fat before you go back to burning the fat on your booty.


Now you know how to use this wonderful tool to optimize your health and to

lose the most weight and enjoy the best success on a keto diet.

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