How to Cure Fatty Liver With Keto Diet

Fatty liver, Fixing your fatty liver -

How to Cure Fatty Liver With Keto Diet

Fixing your fatty liver doesn't require taking prescriptions, powders, pills, or other products. You might be surprised at how easily and affordably you can fix yours.

I'm going to write about a topic that is so important. Fatty liver and how to cure it. That's right cure it, get rid of it so you don't have it anymore.

Fatty Liver Disease is a Huge Epidemic

Okay, fatty liver disease is a huge epidemic in the US and the UK Australia Canada you're gonna wind up losing a loved one you cherish too fatty liver if we don't start turning the tide on this epidemic.

How to Cure Fatty Liver With Keto Diet

This is a huge epidemic that you may not have heard of at all. Maybe you have, but if you haven't you need to and so do your friends and neighbors.

Fatty liver also called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Or if your liver is inflamed we sometimes as doctors call it non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

All these things mean basically, the same thing that your body has inappropriately stored fat in your liver.

How to Fix Fatty Liver With Keto Diet.

Facts About The Fatty Liver Disease and How Common it is.

This is not a good thing and a huge risk factor for liver failure and death. Even for the risk of getting heart disease. We'll get into all that later.

Let me give you a few facts about the fatty liver disease and how common it is you're gonna be blown away by this.

First of all thirty to forty percent of adults in the US and in most Western societies have fatty liver.

How to Cure Fatty Liver With Keto Diet.

3 out of 4 out of 10 people you know have fatty liver disease.

3 to 4 out of 10 right that's nuts that's ridiculous. Okay, this fatty liver is self-inflicted and I'm gonna tell you how to cure it.

But 3 out of 4 out of 10 people you know have fatty liver disease as an adult. What about kids? Of course, kids don't have this right, no you're wrong. 

How to Fix Fatty Liver With Keto Diet.

1 out of every 10 kids in America, down to as young as 3 years old depending on how terrible their diet is can have fatty liver disease.

There are actually teenagers on the liver transplant list now because of their fatty liver disease.

I mean all doctors in America should literally hang their head in shame that this is occurring because it's an early 100% preventable and 100% curable if you eat the right diet and do the things that I write about later.

Type 2 diabetes and overweight you're almost guaranteed to have fatty liver disease.

type 2 diabetes

If you're a type 2 diabetic you have a 40 to 80 percent chance of having fatty liver disease. Okay so if you're a type 2 diabetic and if you're overweight and if you have insulin resistance you're almost guaranteed to have fatty liver disease.

Teach you how to fix your fatty liver

Because it is now the leading cause of liver failure and people being on the liver transplant list. It's even more dangerous than alcoholism. Even more than overdosing on Tylenol then having hepatitis.

That's how bad fatty liver disease is. So you really need to do these things because I want to teach you how to fix your fatty liver.

How to Fix Fatty Liver With Keto Diet.

I want to teach you how to help your mom fix her fatty liver or your uncle or your friend across the road.

Because if they have fatty liver it's quite possible that their doctor hasn't even made a big deal about it but it is a huge deal so how do you fix fatty liver? 

How to Fix Fatty Liver With Keto Diet.

If you have someone who has fatty liver or who's overweight or type 2 diabetic that you know please share this with them because it could literally change their life and literally save their life.

In the Western society in America anytime we want to fix a problem what do we do? We want to buy something. We want to go get something. We want to basically add something to the system.

If you want to cure your fatty liver disease you have to stop eating fructose.

And for fatty liver like many of the diseases, the chronic diseases, that we all suffer from it's not a question of what you add to the disease.

It's a question of what do you subtract, what do you take out of your system, what do you stop putting in your system.

How to Fix Fatty Liver With Keto Diet.

And fatty liver disease falls perfectly in this category. If you want to cure your fatty liver disease you have to stop eating fructose. You have to stop eating sugars. You have to stop starches, you have to stop simple carbs. That's it. That is the cure I'm not joking.

You can go and make those changes in your life and cure your fatty liver.

I'm gonna get into a few more details so you might want to read on. It's up to you because that's 80% of the reason for fatty liver disease.

Literally fructose, sugars, starches, and simple carbs. That's it. Stop those things.

Fatty liver as we talked about is a huge medical risk.

Those are poisoning your body. They are making your biochemical digestive system inappropriately lay down fat in your liver and in your pancreas.

The fatty pancreas is also a very bad thing, but fatty liver as we talked about is a huge medical risk so you got to fix this. 

soft drink


Fructose whether it comes from a soft drink in the form of high fructose corn syrup or whether it comes from a delicious ripe organic peach.

It's digested completely differently in your body from other sugars and starches. And it's highly likely it's going to be laid down as fat in your liver.

If anything is pre-sweetened that's gonna make your fatty liver worse.

So you got to get the fructose out of your life completely.


But don't just think it's fructose and nothing else. Because you know sugar is made up of glucose and fructose. So if anything is pre-sweetened that's gonna make your fatty liver worse or it's gonna increase your risk of developing fatty liver disease. 

As soon as you eat them and your acid breaks them up and digest them, they turn into some combination of glucose and fructose.


That's right exactly right. Even the sugar in the star of the carbs broccoli breaks down ultimately to glucose and fructose.

But they're so locked up in the fiber and they're so blended with great vitamins minerals and nutrients that I think it's okay to get those.

Starches from any grain whatsoever is going to make your fatty liver worse.

Carbs in cruciferous vegetables in leafy greens, I think those carbs are acceptable. Because they're so locked up in the fiber.

If you eat them raw or lightly steamed. And they're so filled with nutrition, I think they're okay.


But the starches from any grain whatsoever is going to make your fatty liver worse. You've got to stop the grains.

You got to stop anything that has fructose in it and you got to start to stop the sugars and the starches that's it. That's the solution that's the cure.

We could literally wipe out the epidemic of fatty liver disease by just following those things.

Canola, safflower, soybean oil, they will inflame your liver.

vegetable oil

One more thing you've got to get out of your life because it inflames your liver. And that can cause your liver to lay down more fat than it might otherwise, is the vegetable oil.

This is because there are no vegetables in them. Canola, safflower, soybean oil all those got to go.

They will inflame your liver. And that's gonna make your liver lay down fat, which you do not want.


You got to cook your foods in real fats like bacon grease lard avocado oil olive oil and butter. Those are the things you cook in.

If you've got canola oil in your kitchen throw that crap in the garbage because that's where it belongs.

Vitamin D might help with fatty liver

sun and vitamin d

Other things that you can do that might help with fatty liver, and these are 20% so don't focus on these.

These are just little extras so that after you're already doing the 80% you can also do these for maybe a little-added benefit.

One is vitamin D.

Vitamin D has been associated with fatty liver disease. That does not mean that low vitamin D causes it. But it might help it a little bit.

Taking Glucophage is associated with improving fatty liver.

So make sure you're taking a good quality vitamin D supplement if necessary every day. That might help a little bit.

Taking Glucophage which is a prescription medication has been shown in a couple of studies to be associated with improving fatty liver.

It does not mean that it improves fatty liver but it definitely doesn't hurt. So you might consider if your doctor has you on Glucophage or metformin continuing to take that.


Eat more grass-fed meat

Omega-3 fatty acids look like they probably help fatty liver a little bit. That does not mean go buy a supplement.

What I would prefer you do is just eat more grass-fed meats that have Omega threes. And more pastured eggs that have omega-3 in the yolk.

Eat more butter that's grass-fed butter and get more omega threes. That's probably going to help the fatty liver.



The solution is to fix your diet

Glucophage and metformin have this false reputation of being hard on your kidneys but that's dumb.

What's really hard on your kidneys is when your blood Sugar's high and when your insulin levels are high. That's what destroys your kidneys.

So if your doctor says "hey take some Glucophage" you might help. "yeah, that's probably a good thing to do but don't think that".

The solution is to fix your diet.

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