How long time does it take to get into ketosis with the keto diet?

How long time to get into ketosis? -

How long time does it take to get into ketosis with the keto diet?

Ever wondered how long time it takes to be in ketosis with the keto diet?

Well, now you will know. It really depends on your individual personality and biological diversity.

There are some that can get into ketosis very quickly, I mean in a few days, and then there are others that might take a week or two or even months.



You really have to burn your stored glycogen deposits before you can even begin to be in ketosis. So that's usually at least take a couple of days.

The lower your meals are in carbs the faster you can get into ketosis.

And that is why some people will do a “fat fast” to kick-start their process. It means eating 800-1000 calories a day and eating mostly fat, up to 90% fat for three days only.

It will work but its working better really if you have been in ketosis before.


There is another option for you to kick-start your ketosis and that is to actually fast a day or two. No longer if you never have done keto diet before.

This is what you also can practice if you have fallen off the band-wagon while doing a keto diet. You can fast for at least 24 hours and then start right back with the ketogenic diet and this time no low-carb doughnuts when trying to get into ketosis ok?

The secret is fasting. It will drop your insulin levels so you will burn fat more quickly. You may feel very hungry until the ketosis kicks in, but it’s only for a day so believe me, it´s worth it.

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Just please remember we are all different and if you are eating too many carbs, and that can be a very small number, you may not go into ketosis, thus keeping you from being fat-adapted.

You may find that you need to be below 20 grams per day of carbohydrates, to get into ketosis and stay in ketosis. Some can manage it with some more carbs but usually less.

You have just try to test. I mean years of eating the American western style, the diabetic way, will have messed up your metabolism so you have to aim low until you know where your limits are.

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