How Do You Overcome Your Sugar Cravings When On The Keto diet?

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How Do You Overcome Your Sugar Cravings When On The Keto diet?

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How can you stop those carb cravings that are driving you crazy and ruining your diet?  I've suffered from them in my journey towards health and lower weight and better health.


I bet you've suffered from them also. Here are some strategies you can use to stop carb cravings now.

The very first thing is you need to slowly but surely transitioning to a ketogenic low-carb healthy fat diet as you get away from the carbs it's almost like getting away from alcohol or cigarettes or any other addiction or pseudoaddiction.

It just gets easier to say no, but now when you're first transitioning to that low carb healthy fat or ketogenic diet it can be very very hard to say no to the carbs.

Especially the process carbs in nice cardboard boxes with smiley faces and clowns and children and elves.  It's really hard to say no to those sometimes.

Here are some strategies you can use to make it easier to say no.


Electrolytes, Minerals & Vitamines

First of all, you can make sure you're getting all of your electrolytes and all of your minerals. You can do this by eating mineral and electrolyte-rich foods or you can supplement it. 

You should eat a very whole-food unprocessed ketogenic diet and that's an excellent way to get all of your minerals all your vitamins all of your electrolytes.

But if you are deficient in a mineral, and you can ask pregnant women about this if you are deficient enough in a mineral.

You will crave things as you've never craved things in your life, including ice and baking soda.

So you have to make sure your body's getting all the vitamins minerals and electrolytes that it needs or you'll have weird cravings that can translate themselves into carbohydrate cravings that can throw you off your diet.



Another thing that you can do, a quick and dirty trick, is to always have an avocado on hand. Avocados are full of good fats.

They have pretty low carb they have lots of magnesium lots of potassium.

So if you're in the midst of a car of craving eat an avocado. Two avocados that are infinitely better than eating some kind of processed garbage that you might give way to if you don't take care of this craving.

Go For a Walk

Another great thing to do is to go for a walk. The reason is because of many times that carbohydrate craving has a lot to do with your mental state.

It has a lot to do with the social or the family situation you're right in the middle of. And so, if you go for a walk you kind of break that cycle.


power walking

Get out of the house get out of the office. Go for even a five-minute walk. I'm not talking about walking, it's an exercise I'm talking about.

Walking as getting out of the house, getting out of the office. Doing something for five or ten minutes many times. That makes a craving to go completely away.

Get Enough Sleep

Shift workers will tell you that when you are sleep-deprived you will grab the first thing that the yuckiest junk food that's in front of your face.

So you have to honor your sleep and you have to make sure you're getting enough sleep and getting enough good sleep or you will have worse carb cravings. 

More Sunshine

Another great strategy that kind of fits in with the previous two is to get more Sun.

Sunlight can help you break bad habits. Being out in the Sun is out in nature seeing the blues and the greens and the Sun in the sky can help you just focus more on healthy living and a healthy diet. 

And just help you have a better focus on life in general and a lot of times if you can just get out in the Sun for five minutes that carb craving will go away.

sweet cravings


Another thing that some people can use to take care of their carb cravings, but you have to be careful with this is no-calorie sweeteners like stevia monk fruit.

Some people even use the new NutraSweet or stevia or the yellow one or the yellow pink, the blue or the green and so.

I'm not necessarily opposed to these but you have to be very careful with them fire is a very powerful tool.  But if you misuse it will burn the house down.

I think no-calorie sweeteners are the same way. Many people use them as a tool as they're starting a ketogenic way of eating or a low-carb healthy fat diet.

And then as they get further into that diet they just kind of weaned down and stop using the sweeteners. I think that's the ideal way to do this.

But if you're just getting started a lot of times using something that's sweetened with a zero-calorie sweetener can save the day because you didn't just eat 2030 grams of carbs and you sat associated that sweet tooth temporarily.

But other people have to be very careful with this using a zero-calorie sweetener can actually fire up the sweet tooth and get the carb cravings back again.

So you have to know you and you have to know is this gonna work for you or not.

Butter coffee
Bulletproof Coffee

One thing that works very well for me it still works I don't have carb cravings that much anymore because I've done multiple of these strategies through the months.

And that's butter coffee or MCT oil coffee or keto coffee. Some call it bulletproof coffee.

The whole point of this, especially if you have your carb cravings earlier in the day, like before lunch or right at lunchtime, sipping on some coffee with a little bit of fat in it can satiate you.

It can give you the leptin and the ghrelin hormone hack that you need without elevating the insulin.

And it turns off your hunger so you didn't just grab that jelly doughnut or whatever
garbage might be lying around the office.

This works wonder trust me. You don't want to put too much fat in the coffee, more fat is not magic, but a little bit of fat will satiate you and keep you from messing up your diet.

fatty meat

Another great thing that you can do is try a month of zero carbs or carnivores. And so if you've been doing keto or low-carb healthy fat for months and months but you're still having the cravings it could be a gut bacteria issue.

I went carnivore and I'd actually did it for several months and the carb cravings went in completely away.

It's really a very powerful place to be in your life and in your diet especially in this Western society that we live in.

I think a two week or a four-week fatty meat carnivore diet will basically make the carb living bacteria in your gut pack up and leave.

And for many people that have been the breakthrough that helped them completely break the carb cravings.

Fat Bombs
Fat Bombs

 Another great one is the fat bombs. And I know there's a little bit of controversy about this in the ketogenic community.

I don't think you should live on fat bombs. I don't think you should eat them every day and you know, five ten-twenty of them.

But I think especially when you're first coming to this way of eating it's great to have some sweet and some savory fat bombs already made up in the fridge.

It's a great hack to have in the fridge some savory and some fat savory and sweet fat bombs. 

That's a great tool to get you through and get you by the carbon craving and then as much go by you'll slowly stop having the sweet fat bombs and just have the savory fat bombs. And then you might not have fat bombs at all anymore.

A pinch of salt

Another great thing that works for me, like magic almost, is a pinch of unprocessed real salt under my tongue.

And so when I would have that carb craving I would just get a pinch of salt. Put it on my tongue or even put some in my butter coffee.

The salt is magic and the cravings just go away and that's a great hack to use so that you don't mess up and eat a bunch of carbon.

I hope this helps you all fight that sugar craving when you are on the Keto diet.

A keto diet can be really simple, but it helps to learn some basic skills.

These tips and guides will help you answer all the common keto questions. 

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