10 Keto Baking Tips

10 Keto Baking Tips -

10 Keto Baking Tips

Are you enthusiastic about starting keto baking but have no clue where to begin? My 10 keto baking tips are perfect for both the seasoned and inexperienced baker. Keto baking can be intimidating, particularly if you have no baking experiences or, indeed, if you are used to baking with sugar-based and wheat flour recipes.

Unfortunately, low-carb and keto baking is not as easy as swapping in low carb ingredients for the high carb ones. Learning how to create keto-friendly baked goods will prove to be a skill that will make the keto lifestyle easier. Therefore, it’s worth the time and effort to learn.

Let’s be honest, not all keto recipes are created equal, and you don’t want to waste your time or your expensive ingredients on desserts that don’t live up to the hype.

You want reliable keto-friendly recipes that don’t taste like they are low-carb. You want desserts that will impress the most diehard dessertoholic. Built to fit in perfectly with your macros, these are keto-friendly dessert recipes you can trust.

And please be sure to bookmark this page, as it will be updated frequently with tasty new keto desserts.

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Ten Keto Baking Tips

Keto Baking Tips #1

Once you get comfortable with keto baking, branch out and try tweaking some of your beloved recipes to make them lower in carbs.

When converting standard recipes to keto versions, there are a few rules you should keep in mind. For starters, understand that all sugar substitutes have different levels of sweetness. Some are super-sweet (such as stevia), while others are milder.

Additionally, all flour substitutes act differently, so it's essential to be familiar with what you're working with. Experiment, and don't be afraid to mess up a few times before perfecting your recipes.

keto sweeteners

Keto-Friendly Baking Tips #2

Keto-friendly sweeteners DO NOT bake precisely the same way as traditional sugar. In addition to using these extracts or sugar alcohols, you are probably also using almond flour or coconut flour…which have a different structure than regular flours. Let me tell you…it’s all a little wonky. Coconut flour cannot be directly substituted in your old recipes. Coconut flour is a different beast from nut flours because it soaks up liquids and moisture like a sponge.

 10 Keto Baking Tips

Ketogenic Baking Tips #3

If you're new to keto baking, stick to preexisting recipes that have been specifically developed to be keto-friendly.

Keto baking is tricky. Therefore, it's best to stick to preexisting recipes specifically developed to be lower in carbs when you're first starting. This is just added assurance that your ingredients and time won't go to waste.

coating pan with butter

Keto-Friendly Baking Tips #4

Keto-friendly recipes are more prone to sticking, so make sure to properly prep your pans. Keto batters tend to be a bit stickier than traditional recipes, so you must take the time to correctly prep your pans to prevent them from sticking. 

And for most recipes, coating the pans with butter will suffice — but especially sticky batters (such as keto-friendly brownie mixture) may benefit from both buttering and lining with parchment paper.

Keto baking tips, baking powder

Keto Baking Tips #5

Don't be worried if your recipe calls for what seems like a lot of baking powder or soda. Gluten-free baked goods need a bit more leavening agent to keep them light.

Leavening agents are substances causing the expansion of doughs and batters by releasing gases within such mixtures, producing baked products with porous structure. Examples of such agents include air, steam, baking powder, and baking soda.

Keto baked goods rely on flour alternatives to give them structure, so they're usually a bit denser than standard baked goods. Because of this, many keto-friendly baked goods are made with a bit more leavening agent compared to other recipes. If your recipe calls for a lot of baking soda or powder, don't fret — they need it.

double cream keto baking

Keto-Friendly Baking Tips #6

If your keto recipe calls for regular dairy milk, replace it with heavy cream, unsweetened almond milk, or unsweetened coconut milk.

When it comes to dairy, heavy cream has fewer carbs compared to milk. And one way to swap it into recipes that call for milk is to dilute it with water, so it has a comparable consistency. Another alternative is to replace milk with almond milk or unsweetened coconut milk. Both of those are lower in carbs and good options for keto-friendly baking.

keto butter baking tips

Ketogenic Baking Tips #7

Let your ingredients to come to room temperature, so they easily blend, especially butter and cream cheese. Numerous keto-friendly recipes contain high amounts of fat, so you must allow your ingredients to come to room temperature, so they blend correctly. 

Make sure to take out your butter, cream cheese, eggs, and other refrigerated ingredients thirty minutes before baking to warm them further up a bit.

keto baking flour

Keto-Friendly Baking Tips #8

Coconut flour is also a popular substitute, but neither coconut nor almond flour is interchangeable with regular all-purpose flour. Coconut flour is produced from coconut meat that has been ground and dried into a fine powder. 

Like almond flour, it's commonly used in many keto-friendly recipes — however, coconut flour is highly absorbent and challenging to work with. So, with both almond flour and coconut flour, you must stick to recipes developed specifically for them. 

It would help if you didn't swap either flour in place of all-purpose wheat flour. It acts entirely differently and is not a seamless swap.

Almond flour

Keto Baking Tips #9

Almond flour is your best friend, but it's not the same as almond meal. When it comes to keto baking, wheat flour is usually swapped out for something like almond flour. However, you should know that almond flour is not the same as almond meal

Almond flour is blanched almonds finely ground without their skins. Almond meal has a rougher texture and is darker in color because it's made with almonds with their skin. While they are almost similar, almond flour's fineness makes it act like wheat flour and is not interchangeable for a meal.

golden flax meal

Keto Baking Tips #10

If your keto-friendly recipe calls for flax meal, stick to golden flax meal instead of standard flax meal. The texture is a tad less gummy. Another popular keto flour substitute is flax meal, regularly used as an egg replacer in baked goods. 

Seasoned bakers recommend sticking to golden flax meal as it has a somewhat less gummy texture compared to regular flax meal. Again, with any keto-friendly flour substitute, stick to recipes specifically intended to be made with it and don't change it into recipes that call for wheat flour.

Bonus keto baking tips

Keto Bonus Baking Tips


Instead of using wheat – flours you’d typically find in high carb desserts, you’ll notice we prefer using almond flour. 

Almond flour is the lowest carbohydrate flours you can use in keto desserts. Therefore, it just makes sense to use it to make our keto-friendly chocolate desserts. 

So, my go-to almond flour is the Blue Diamond Blanched Almond Flour since it’s low in carbs and works great in any keto-friendly recipe.

If you don’t have keto-friendly almond flour in your pantry, I suggest that you get it because I use it in many of my keto dessert chocolate recipes. And I mean a lot.

You can use it to make this yummy chocolatey keto cake, this easy super dense and fudgy chocolate cake, and these sweet Keto chocolate chip cookies, to name a few.

Almond flour is the best keto replacement for regular flour – you can barely taste the difference, and it has the closest texture to “regular” flour.

But, if almond flour isn’t your “thing,” the best replacements for almond flour are coconut flour and walnut flour. But remember, coconut flour cannot be directly substituted in your old recipes. Coconut flour is a different beast from nut flours because it soaks up liquids and moisture like a sponge.

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