Why Can't I Lose Weight On Keto Diet.

Weight Loss On Keto, Why Can't I Lose Weight On Keto Diet -

Why Can't I Lose Weight On Keto Diet.


You'll discover why you can't lose weight even though you're

doing keto. So you rent all the transformational stories online you saw

the pictures on Instagram you went to work and you heard 

your co-workers talk about the amazing results that they got

following the ketogenic diet so you thought to yourself I want to lose 

Some weight too.  I'm gonna give that a try.


You go and you start following the ketogenic diet and you really don't 

lose any weight at all or maybe you lost a couple pounds and it came 

to a screeching halt well the truth is is that the ketogenic diet works but the other

truth is that your strategies might just not be right and so what I'm gonna teach

you in this blog is two top mistakes people are making and the top things that you

need to know to get you on track in order to hit your weight loss goals while

following the ketogenic diet.


 Signs you are in ketosis.


  • Lower Hunger
  • More Focused
  • Lower Sugar Cravings
  • More Energy
  • Fat Loss
  • Lower Inflammation 


Are You Even Keto?

Now let's go ahead and get started the first question I'm gonna ask:  are you even keto?

realize is a lot of people who are telling me that they're following the

ketogenic diet in fact are not following it, they're following a low-carb diet and

yes there is a difference.

A ketogenic diet you've got to lower those carbs down. You got to have your

macros in place. In a low-carb diet you can add more carbs in there and there's a

little bit more wiggle room for you to you know basically have your macros off

when it comes to the ketogenic diet you got to be on point with it.


Are You Even Keto?


The thing is is that when following the ketogenic diet you need to be in the state of

ketosis to get results and so if you're just eating a high-fat diet and your friend

next to you is actually in the state of ketosis following the ketogenic diet

they will get good results and you likely won't.

And so what we have to know here is first of all it can take upwards

of two to three weeks to get into the state of ketosis and then the other

thing is is that in order to measure ketosis we want to actually use a meter

that's going to look at the ketone level in your blood. I use something called the

precision extra meter.


When we take this meter and we look at our ketone levels we want to make sure

that we're between 0.5 and 3 millimoles per deciliter.

That's really where we need to be in order to be in ketosis. The sweet spot is

right around 1.5.


Slim woman on keto


Now there's some other signs that you can look at to know whether or not you're

in ketosis.

You can look at hunger. If your hunger is decreased that's a good sign. If you're

someone who has it more focused, more brainpower, that's a good sign. If your

sugar cravings, your carbohydrate cravings go down, that's a good sign as

well.  If you're having increased energy, you're not having blood sugar swings

throughout the day, a bunch of highs and lows. That is a good indicator as well

that you're in ketosis. Fat loss is another one, and then of course decrease



Now the reason decrease inflammation occurs is because you know you basically

are going and following a non-inflammatory diet, and then you're just gonna

basically feel your joints and all these little aches and pains

you've had for a long time start to disappear.  And that's a great sign as



Fit woman


So let's talk about macro measurements. This is another reason that a lot of

people fail at the ketogenic diet and don't lose weight. This is very

important. You have to consider a couple things, you have to figure there are too

many carbohydrates in your diet.  Too much protein in conversely we don't want

to have too little protein. You can cause problems like hair loss.


And then we also want to make sure that we don't have too

much fat in our diet.  A lot of people start following the ketogenic diet and

they think to themselves, "well I need to just eat a whole bunch of fats". But we

have to realize that when we're eating that much fat it is very caloric dense.


One gram of fat has nine calories in it and when we look at carbs or

protein that has about four calories per gram. So the fat has a lot of calories

and then it becomes a simple of quick equation of calories in and calories out

regardless of you following the ketogenic diet. 

If you're eating an enormous amount of calories you're just not gonna lose weight.

So we want to make sure that our macros are on point.


 Fit woman on beach


Imagine this, you get busy and you're hungry and you have nothing to go to but

something that's gonna throw you out of ketosis and this happens to a lot of

people are following the ketogenic diet, and they think ah you know they make

excuses for them so well this is this is the only thing I have

this is what I have to do. But the problem is that when you go and you

throw in a different snack fruit or something that's throwing you out of

ketosis you're really messing yourself up there. So we want to make sure that we

have some good go to keto foods around us all the time.

Some of my favorites are macadamia nuts avocados, keto bars, hard-boiled eggs

and also some jerky.


So having these available ready to go is a really powerful thing when you're

following the ketogenic diet.  Because you don't want to keep coming out of it just

because you don't have food available there all the time. You can keep some of

these in your car. You can really have them available and keep them in your bag



 Exercise couple on beach


 Best Exercise On Keto Diet.

Let´s talk about exercise. We talk about all these different types of exercise out

there. But one of the best exercises that you can do, especially if you have insulin

resistance, is you can do high-intensity interval training. The reason this works

so well is because it really helps balance out your blood sugar. And I'm not

talking about some very hardcore 20-minute, 25-minute high-intensity

intensity interval training, but just doing it for five to ten minutes in the morning

when you wake up is very powerful for balancing your blood sugar all day long

it's one of the best things that you can do if you have insulin resistance. 


 Running girl



If you have insulin resistance it could be one of the reasons you're not getting

great results on the ketogenic diet and high-intensity interval training is very

powerful. Too many meals, this is another area that people struggle with when

following the ketogenic diet.  A lot of people think, "well as long as I'm in

ketosis I can just you know eat as much as I want as often as I want". But the

problem is then it actually they start getting kicked out of ketosis. They start

not having weight loss so what you can do is actually add an intermittent

fasting.  And it really is an amazing pair. And there's basically two ways you can

do it.


You can do 16 and 8 intermittent fasting. You could open that gap up a

little bit more all the way down to doing one meal a day. And then the

question becomes what do I need to do this daily? And for the most part a lot

of people see best results when doing it daily.


Now you can go back and forth between intermittent fasting. You can do

one meal a day. The key is that if you're doing ketosis and you're not

getting those hunger pains and things of that nature, intermittent fasting one

meal a day becomes very easy at that point. So give that a try, because that

can really help skyrocket your results.


 Happy girl on keto diet