Middle-aged women and the ketogenic diet. What's best?

Middle-aged women and keto -

Middle-aged women and the ketogenic diet. What's best?

The ketogenic diet is for everyone. Young, old everyone. It's not only for one kind of human being. You must remember that the ketogenic diet is not a new fad, it has been around for hundreds of thousand years, well as long as mankind has been wandering around on this planet.  So to say it is only for one kind is absolutely and utterly wrong. But enough with that and let's keep an eye on the middle-aged woman. Today we are writing about them. So let's get started.

Middle-aged women

A keto diet can be really simple, but it helps to learn some basic skills.
These tips and guides will help you answer all the common keto questions.
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The keto way of eating and the lifestyle of keto is the best and correct way of eating. As I told you before Keto is what our ancestor's the humans began with for about 2 million years ago and all, but 10,000 years of that, we ate nothing but what we hunted. Well with the exception of a few berries when in they were seasons for it. So when we take a look at Carbohydrate consumption, in terms of a calendar year, we started eating them yesterday. And giving no time for the normal evolutionary process to adapt to it.

processed sugars

And add to that, the consumption of a ridiculously amount of processed sugars most people eat today; is it so strange then that almost all diseases people suffer these days are relatively new?

I mean everything from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, Cancer, Alzheimer, are all new diseases from only about 100 years ago. They are growing the past 30 years into epidemic proportions.


Please remember that we also become obese at an alarming rate during this time. So what’s changed in the past 100 years or so, and especially in the past 30 years? The enormous amounts of sugar we are eating. So when we are looking from this perspective then we see that it is the sugar that is dangerous for us, not the fat.

Now they are many new physicians who are practising “functional medicine” around the world. These physicians are actually curing most of these diseases or putting them in remission by eliminating all sugars and Carbohydrates. We see that It’s reversing type 2 diabetes, it’s taking away many ailments people suffer, and all without using drugs.

middle-aged woman
So absolutely you should follow a Keto lifestyle at your middle age as it’s been proven to making people more healthy and feeling great. Weight loss also happens but the main reason for Keto is health as all the new research is proving that sugar is the reason for our health issues today, and not fat as they’ve been telling us for at least 30 years!

middle-aged woman

And if you still have any doubts please just do your research as it needs to be followed correctly for full effectiveness. The keto diet is also very easy to follow once you are fat adapted, as you will be barely hungry, you will feel great, you will get more mental clarity, especially after you eat your bacon and eggs, or your ribeye steak with butter. You can also get recipes for keto bread, keto ice cream, keto pizza and so much more.

Give it a try for at least three months and I can promise you will look and feel better than you ever have since your 20’s.

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